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Share gifts that grow every year

Use #ShareATree to help NBCUniversal and the Arbor Day Foundation plant 25,000 trees in hurricane-devastated areas.

Spread the word to plant trees

How about gifting some life-giving trees this holiday season? It won't cost you a dime. All you have to do is share one of our trees and we'll work with our partners to plant trees in Texas and Florida.

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About #ShareATree

Trees play a vital role in our everyday lives. From preventing soil erosion to cleaning our water, trees help us all year around. And when they’re destroyed in a natural disaster, it can take a long time for a community to return to normal.

The Arbor Day Foundation is working with public and private partners to get millions of trees back in the ground in the wake of hurricane devastation. #ShareATree is part of their larger initiative to plant and distribute 5 million trees over the next five years. These trees will grow, strengthen the environment, and help support the communities as they heal.

Please share our message of replanting this holiday season.

Do you know what trees can do?

Collectively, forests around the globe have removed about one-third of fossil fuel emissions annually from 1990 to 2007.
U.S. Forest Service, 2011

Office workers with a view of trees report significantly less stress and more satisfaction.
Chungbuk National University, South Korea, 2007

Trees lower surface and air temperatures by providing shade. Shaded surfaces may be 20–45°F cooler than the peak temperatures of unshaded materials.

Our Impact

We’re proud to work with the Arbor Day Foundation and over the last four years we’ve planted a lot of trees together. Let’s take a look at the difference these trees have made and take a peek into their future impact.

4 Year Milestone!