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Whether it’s conservation, recycling, education or designing attractions with the environment in mind, Universal Orlando is working to make sure Green is Universal.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the things we’re doing around the resort:

• In 2014, we recycled 260 tons of plastic and glass bottles, 8 tons of aluminum cans, 1,212 tons of cardboard, 80 tons of mixed paper and 15 tons of shrink wrap.

• Also in 2014, we diverted 594 tons of organic food material away from landfills.

• We have more than 2,300 recycling collection locations currently throughout the resort—and more on the way.

• All mobile diesel equipment—including trucks and resort water taxis—now run on biodiesel fuel, an environmentally friendlier and cleaner-burning fuel.

• We use environmentally-preferred cleaning products.

• The Simpsons RideTM employs energy conservation measures through the incorporation of an “on demand” hydraulic power system and the use of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures.

• Currently we have three cardboard recycling centers on-site.

• We are continuing environmentally friendly horticultural practices by using coffee grounds to supplement nutrients in potting soil and replacing fertilizers and insecticides with fish oil and ocean solution.

• All three Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort are certified members of the Florida Green Lodging program.
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