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Real Estate & Facilities

The buildings where we work, live and play in every day offer great opportunities to make our operations more sustainable, and NBCUniversal is committed to that effort. We work to reduce the footprint of our facilities by identifying ways to improve efficiency in energy and water consumption, reduce waste and implement innovative design elements—all to lessen the collective impact of our workplaces on the environment.

The below projects are just a sample of notable works implemented by NBCUniversal Operations & Technical Services to further the company’s commitment to advancing environmental solutions.


  • The NBCUniversal real estate portfolio utilizes a utility bill pay system to better manage energy consumption in our theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood, along with our studios and office space at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NBC Sports and Golf Channel.
  • Universal Theme parks have been diligently replacing outdated and inefficient lighting technology with LEDs, including newer lamp designs that can now be utilized in our creative attractions. LED set lighting is also being utilized in TV studios and on film sets, with fixtures that can use 70%-80% less power than conventional set lighting.
  • A number of our facilities also use the latest in lighting efficiencies, including advanced automated controls utilizing sensors that have motion, occupancy, temperature and ambient daylight capabilities connected to dimmable ballasts.
  • Many of our offices, coordinate rideshare programs. Our New York Tristate offices offer an intra-facility shuttle bus service between various New York and New Jersey facilities, reducing the number of individual cars on the road. Several of our facilities reserves preferred parking for carpooling, hybrid and electric vehicles.  Installations of Electric Vehicle Charging stations continue to increase at NBC Sports in Stamford and Universal Studios in Los Angeles, the latter now having nearly 100 charging spaces across the Universal City property.
  • Allowing our workforce increased mobility is also beginning to reduce our environmental footprint. Video conferencing and telepresence meeting technology offer a substitute for business travel. These, as well as other virtual office technology solutions, support employees to work remotely, eliminating the emissions created by commuting.

2016 saw our projects continuing to focus on green building practices, such as LEED and most recently in our very first application to build out a WELL certified office in 2017.

  • NBC7 San Diego now operates out of a state-of-the-art, LEED Silver Certified, environmentally-friendly broadcast facility in spring 2016. The new center’s green features include a 200 KW solar rooftop system and parking lot; a 250 KW natural gas fuel cell that produces low carbon electricity; a new, tightly-controlled efficient HVAC system that conserves electricity; air-cooled chillers that are capable of using outside cold air to cool computer equipment; and LED lighting all throughout the facility, including the news studios.


  • Universal Studios uses recycled water when available for landscape maintenance and some of its operations. The 400-acre property has also installed storm water treatment devices covering over 80% of the property. These retain trash and sediment that would otherwise be carried off by runoff, so it can be managed onsite and not discharged to the Los Angeles River.

Waste and Recycling

  • Universal Studios implemented a Zero Waste recycling program, helping to significantly reduce the amount of material sent to landfill from corporate & production offices, facility operations and production stages. The program provides compost, recycling and landfill receptacles, making it easy to separate food and food-related materials out of the waste stream and keep recyclables clean and dry. Universal Studios Orlando continues to implement a similar robust program.