Green is Universal | Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement

NBCUniversal has a deep commitment to bettering the environment, and it starts in our own workplace. Our employees know that to improve our communities and the world around us, we must begin by understanding the impact our business has on the environment, and then contribute our expertise to reduce that impact. We strongly believe that sustainable solutions can be found within our own workforce. We are committed to educating employees about environmental sustainability, engaging their talents to lessen our business’s footprint, and formally recognizing them for their contributions toward those goals. Through active engagements both domestically and internationally, NBCUniversal employees are moving our company in a more sustainable direction.

Here are some highlights of our employee engagement efforts:
• An overview of our commitment to Green is Universal is included in the orientation process for all incoming employees.
• We support both a company-wide Green Council and division-based green teams where employees work collaboratively to address environmental impacts throughout the company.
• Employees take part in “green” volunteer days throughout the year.
• We recognize employees through Eco GEM Awards for specific projects that advance sustainability at NBCUniversal.
• To help employees incorporate positive changes in their own workday, we’ve produced the NBCUniversal Green Office Guide—a learning tool that can help them identify easy behavioral changes that make a difference.
• We’ve developed a series of industry-specific eco-education guides to help employees integrate green into their specific line of work. Current editions include TV Production, Film Production and Sourcing.