Human beings are destined to create: people, products and ultimately waste. But what if we could decrease the impact of that last one by changing our definition of trash? Trash is commonly understood to be something that is worth little or nothing but what if trash was just another opportunity for us to create. An opportunity to see beauty and purpose where there is damage and use. Before you toss it, think, can I upgrade this? You may be surprised to find that the answer is yes.


This practice is known as upcycling and there are a variety of ways to try it this month. Take a run-down sweater and turn it into winter accessories for next season. One sweater can make as many as three different accessories, from arm warmers and mittens to fingerless gloves, or a hat and a scarf. Take a ladder that is a little weary for its years and use it to organize your reading collection or reupholster an outdated piece of furniture for a fresh look.

There is no wrong way to upcycle. Anything can be reinvented if we just take the time to find beauty in the weathered and the worn. Give life to something new this spring!