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Small Acts, Big Difference: NBCUniversal Employees Go Green


Both at home and in the office, NBCUniversal employees are taking small steps to help reduce their impact on the environment. During Earth Week, we asked our employees across the company to share how they’re going green in their daily lives. Here are some of our favorite responses:

“I am recycling the brown paper bags from the commissary. I often have to pick up meals for multiple producers and executive assistants so rather than grabbing a new bag every run, I make sure to re-use the same bags I already have under my desk. Every little bit helps.”
-Eric H.

“Reuse the following: zip lock bags, plastic bags, one sided memo paper as note paper, dryer sheets for cleaning, wiping, dusting furniture [and] other surfaces.”
-Inez B.

“Recycling of course is the first and easiest step to help make the world a ‘Greener Place.’ Creating a natural compost in my personal garden is a good step in the right direction to add to making the world a ‘Greener Place’ as well.”
-Anthony P.

“I ride my bike to the bus stop and take the bus everyday on my commute to work instead of driving by myself in my car.”
-Sara P.

“Nothing tastes like vegetables that you’ve grown yourself…Planting a vegetable garden was a great bonding experience with my daughter in celebration of Earth Day.”
-Yenny V.

“I recycle. I wash my car once a month. I reuse plastic containers as food storage until they disintegrate. I turn off the lights and unplug appliances when I’m not using them. I sort and collect my plastic and aluminum containers, and hand the bags to the homeless man who collects these items for money. I turn off the lights when leaving the room. I use washable napkins instead of paper towels. I use rechargeable batteries. I make sure my appliances are unplugged when I’m not using them and I recently installed a water-friendly toilet for my bathroom. Go team planet!”
-Norma M.

“I just got a ‘zero emission’ battery-powered electric car, so I’m not consuming gasoline and oil, while cutting my carbon output.”
-Mark S.

“I recycle every day, use cold water to wash clothing and unplug all appliances each morning when I leave my apartment to save energy.”
-Lauren B.

“I’ve recently learned how animal agriculture is actually one of the leading causes that’s harming the environment (far more than, say, driving a car every day or taking longer showers) and it is very unsustainable. Because of this, I have recently begun eating an almost entirely vegan diet. I have also made it a point to dramatically reduce my use of plastic, most easily done at work by using the provided plates and silverware in the commissary and at home with the help of my girlfriend who shops with reusable containers and bulk bins.”
-Andrew N.

“Instead of taking cabs around the city to visit friends, we all walked to the park and spent the afternoon in the rowboats in Central Park! It was a fun afternoon with no carbon footprint! It was a great day in nature!”
-Laura P.

“When I moved into my apartment, all of the light bulbs were incandescent. I bought energy-efficient light bulbs, and I have been replacing the incandescent light bulbs as they burned out. Now all of my fixtures have energy-efficient light bulbs.”
-Seth R.

“Recycling, changed my entire home to LED lighting, replaced my electric heating with an efficient whole house HVAC unit, investigating solar power for my home and replaced all my home windows with energy-efficient ones.”
-Steven S.

“I take reusable fabric bags to the store whenever I go grocery shopping. I don’t have to waste any plastic bags, and the fabric bags hold a lot more, too!”
-Maria B.

“My home does not have access to local recycling pickup and recycling is not mandatory in my town. I separate my recyclables and drop them off at the town recycling center and plastic bags to the local supermarket for recycling.”
-Patricia G.

“Recycling 30 Rock’s e-waste and proper regulatory disposal of universal and hazardous waste.”
-Vincent L.

Thank you for showing how Green is Universal!


Comcast Cares Day

NBCUniversal employees, family members, friends, and community partners volunteered for this year’s 14th annual Comcast Cares Day at more than 750 projects nationwide and in more than a dozen countries. Projects took place from April 18 through April 30.

In New York, more than 200 volunteers gathered at Morningside Park. Together, we revitalized 17 acres with mulching, weeding, and planting. Additionally, our team painted a handball court and 800 feet of fence. Today in New York anchor Michael Gargiulo and meteorologist Chris Cimino were among those who joined in the fun, sporting Green Comcast Cares Day t-shirts and getting in the dirt.

Comcast Cares Day began in 2001 with 6,100 volunteers improving 110 project sites, and is a celebration of our company’s year-round commitment to service—a tradition that has grown into the largest single-day corporate volunteer event in the country.













Comcast Cares Day 2014: East River Park Cleanup

On April 25, we continued celebrating Earth Week by participating in Comcast Cares Day, one of the country’s largest corporate volunteer events. More than 80,000 Comcast and NBCUniversal employees, friends, and family volunteered at events across the world. Here in New York, we helped revitalize East River Park, with New York Cares, by planting flowers, mulching, weeding, and painting.

George Oliphant, host of NBC’s George to the Rescue, led the event, and Michael Jack, president and general manager of NBC 4 New York, and Telemundo 47’s president and general manager Cristina Schwarz kicked it off.

By the end of the morning, we’d applied 10 cubic yards of mulch and compost, restored one lawn, revitalized five planting beds by removing invasive species and replacing them with native plants, and painted over 1,000 feet of fencing along the FDR highway. Check out some photos from the day:

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014

NBCUniversal Events - 2014