Each year, more and more states report rising water-stress conditions. We can’t continue to wait. It’s on us to take measures to reduce our impact. We’ve got 5 tips to find out how you can save almost 25 gallons of water a day – and a few bucks as well!

  1. Turn it off

Saving water starts at the tap. Water flows at about 2.5 gallons per minute from the average faucet. It’s easy to save water by turning the tap off when you brush your teeth or while scrubbing your hands with soap.

  2. Cut it Down

Do you really need to spend all that time thinking about life in the shower? By simply cutting your shower by two minutes, you can save almost 10 gallons of water a day.

  3. Fill it Up

Sure, you may really want to wear that shirt tomorrow, but it’s best to totally fill the washing machine before running it. Same goes for dishwashers! Or, adjust the load size dial to ensure extra water isn’t wasted.

If you can, consider investing in Energy Star-rated washers, which use less water and energy.

  4. Skip the DIY

While washing your car is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer’s day, it can waste a ton of water. Check for a local carwash that recycles its water and splurge for that shine. If money’s tight, then just be smart about the water! Use a bucket of soapy water to clean your car, and then only turn the hose on to rise. This can save over 100 gallons of water!

   5. Keep an Eye Out

It’s easy to mindlessly pay the water bill each month. However, simply taking a moment to look for sudden changes in your bill can reveal leaks in pipes. If you see a spike, call the plumber as soon as possible!

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