Love of travel and love of the environment do not need to be mutually exclusive. Enter eco-vacations! You can absolutely enjoy yourself without a tinge of green guilt with some thoughtful planning. Whether you’re headed halfway around the world or just camping around the corner, bookmark this page as your ultimate guide to eco-travel and green vacations.

Happy family travel boat ( Guilin of Thailand )

Here are five tips from our free “One Small Act” social gaming platform that has hundreds of ways to green your life.

1. Look for the Green Globe Certified stamp of approval to ensure you are staying at an establishment that takes sustainability seriously. And to make life easier, Green Globe has an easy to use hotel search to help you find certified hotels in locales all around the world–hello Barbados! Oh, and there’s an app too!

2. Eat local and sustainable while you’re traveling. Seek out and make reservations at sustainable restaurants before you leave home. Certain organizations, including the Green Restaurant Association, the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and the Eat Well Guide, make this easy on eaters. Certification criteria varies but most reputable organizations consider water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable furnishings and building materials, sustainable food, energy, disposables, and chemical-pollution reduction. If your hotel room has a fridge or a mini kitchen, stock up at local farmers’ markets for breakfast and snacks.

3. Choose a train over a plane for a short trip. Air travel is now the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Not flying or avoiding a flight when there is an alternative is one of the biggest single steps that any individual can take to limit their impact on the environment.

4. Take public transportation when traveling. If you have a choice when traveling, choose a hotel near public transportation. Familiarize yourself with the schedules by securing route maps online before you go.

5. Find an eco-vacation destination. Supporting sustainable tourism helps the countries you visit ensure they are protecting their natural resources and preserving cultural heritage. Visit the International Ecotourism Society website to start planning your trip.


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