It’s that time of year again—time for kids to go back to school.  Students all around the country are packing their backpacks and emotionally preparing themselves for another year of learning avalanche of knowledge.

If you’re looking for an easy way to help the environment as your child goes back to school, consider carpooling!  If your child doesn’t take the bus every morning, make a carpool group with a few other families in your community to cut down on gas costs.  It helps keep the “green” in your wallet, and it’s also great for the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road.


Check out these carpooling facts from the National Resource Defense Council:

  • Carpooling saves you money: less driving means fewer fill-ups and less automobile wear-and-tear.
  • Carpooling increases productivity: less time stuck in traffic means quicker commutes and more time to get things done.
  • Carpooling saves lives: fewer cars on the road means fewer accidents and crash-related deaths and injuries.
  • On Average, a car produces 10,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and 600 lbs of carbon monoxide in one year, while consuming on average around 550 gallons of gasoline a year.
  • If every passenger car in the US carried just one additional commuter for a single day, the US could save over 30 million gallons of gasoline.


In case you have any lingering doubts about what carpooling can do for you or the planet, take a listen to Grimm’s Russell Hornsby and Royal Pains’ Mark Fuerstein: