Fall is not the only season beginning in the month of September. Ballet, along with many other dance companies are preparing for a new season of performances and concerts for fall 2017. To our surprise, some of these companies are taking the initiative to use their stage to inform others about sustainability and the importance of conserving the use of natural resources. One in particular has taken the initiative by storm –The Long Center in Austin, Texas. The Long Center is Austin’s only live performing arts center to embrace and emphasize local talent and art, with over 80% of performances coming from local artists. The Long Center has something for everyone—from ballet, symphony, and opera to Shakespeare, tap dance, musical theatre and outdoor concerts. Here are a few ways The Long Center takes center stage to make dance an environmentally aware, interactive and sustainable experience.



(Courtesy of the Long Center)

The Long Center is home to a wide range of performances and rehearsals including ballet, symphony, opera, musicals, and outdoor performances. During the time of its construction the performance center recycled an astounding 95% of the 44 million pounds of construction materials used from their former performance building, Palmer Auditorium.

One of the best examples of their commitment to recycling is the repurposed aluminum panels. These panels, which initially formed the Palmer roof, are currently used for internal and external finishes of the Long Center. The panels on the exterior of Dell Hall (part of the Long Center campus) along with the inside of elevators are also repurposed from that very rooftop.

The exterior of the performance center also embraces the importance of sustainability. Serving as a recreational area, the Butler Park hill and fountain are constructed and filled with excess dirt “excavated” for Dell Hall. In addition, the Palmer Auditorium’s former roof support structure currently serves as the “ring” that gives Long Center its very unique appearance.

Environment & Energy

(Courtesy of the Long Center)

(Courtesy of the Long Center)

The Long Center doesn’t stop with their central building—they also carefully implemented environmental and energy related initiatives at their property. The property lawns and plant beds are created by non-potable water from the local Lady Bird Lake.


The performance center is the only live entertainment venue in the city of Austin with a LEED accredited advisor on staff to thoroughly analyze the continuation of the facility’s energy efficiency. For example all light bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs saving approximately 226,000 kilowatt hours of energy.

Whether you are a veteran in the performing arts, a beginner, or simply someone who has an appreciation for performances, The Long Center creates a place for all to enjoy the arts in a sustainable way.

Sustainability at NBCUniversal


Here at NBCUniversal, we definitely have an appreciation for the performing arts—especially when it comes to using our facilities that host performances in an eco-friendly way. Using great opportunities, we work, live and play every day to make our operations more sustainable.

Rockefeller Center is known for holding a wide range of performances as well—from daily live-to-tape late night shows to seasonal outdoor performances for the Today Show Plaza experience. These performances take place on a property that embraces sustainable practices.

To reduce the impact of our workplaces on the environment, we work to lessen the footprint of our facilities by improving efficiency in energy and water consumption, reducing waste and implementing new design elements. 30 Rockefeller Plaza currently utilizes a single stream recycling plan which mixes metal, glass, plastic and paper to be sorted off site at a recycling facility.


A number of our facilities also use the latest in lighting efficiencies, including advanced automated controls that have motion, occupancy, temperature and ambient daylight capabilities. Many of our offices are participating in rideshare programs. New York Tristate offices offer an intra-facility shuttle bus service between various New York and New Jersey facilities to reduce the number of individual cars on the road and eliminate the emissions created by commuting.

We are always learning of new ways of how to incorporate more sustainable habits in our everyday practices. This season, as you prepare to visit your favorite theatre or venue watch a performance, be sure to find out how they’re doing their part to make our planet a greener place. For more information on how NBCUniversal is taking the initiative be green, visit our Facilities page at www.GreenIsUniversal.com/earn/about-us/facilities/.