By Dan Estabrook,

I spent yesterday beginning the process of “greening” the NBC Universal Corporate Mailroom at 30 Rockefeller Plaza by eliminating the company’s junk mail. If you don’t know about GreenDimes, we are the trusted leaders in eliminating junk mail for consumers. When you purchase our full service reduction service, we also plant 5 trees to help offset the waste even more. You can find out more at

GreenDimes is working with NBC Universal during Earth Week to promote junk mail elimination. If you visit the NBC Experience Store, you will find a kiosk where you can order our service. The windows at Rockefeller Center are decorated with junk mail exhibits and it was amazing to see the GreenDimes logo in the middle of it all. The whole display is eye-catching and very cool.

I arrived to the mailroom to find 17 boxes filled to the brim with junk sent to NBC over three days last week. I expected volumes, but I was shocked to find over 1,000 pounds of junk mail. Over an average week, that works out to just over 2,100 pounds (assuming not so much comes in on weekends). Per day, it equals 300 pounds (as much as the average household receives in one year, based on our data). That’s three entire trees!

So, let me put it in perspective — one year’s worth of junk
mail at NBC is equal to harvesting 1,092 trees!

So, I dove into the boxes and identified culprits: computer and PC manufacturers/suppliers, TV and film trades, office supply companies, non-profits, video tape suppliers, trade show companies, tons of complimentary magazines, and the list goes on and on. Many had individual staff names on the labels. Some did not. The
mailroom staff told me many of the people hadn’t worked at NBC in years. As former employees enjoy their retirement, the junk mail continues to pile up.

I do have a gigantic job in front of me!

I sorted through boxes and made piles on a nearby table based on quantity. From there, I will tackle the most frequent mailers through calls, emails, and persistence until we can stop them once and for all. There was also boxes of one-up magazines, catalogs, and flyers that will come later (if at all). It is the junk mail that comes with frequency and volume that we need to eliminate first, as it represents about 70% of what I found yesterday. I am returning today to examine the remaining 9 boxes, so my piles will double.

It’s back-breaking work, but I guess someone has to do it. I’m honored to assist NBC Universal with this problem. I will check in and keep you posted on our progress through this blog over the next several weeks. Perhaps what I learn can help all
of you in your workplaces!

Feel free to contact me at I guess you can call me the Guru of Junk Mail.

Above: some of the 17 boxes of junk mail awaiting me this
morning at 30 Rock.

Above: NBC mail room employee Jorge Hernandez admires my piles. Each pile is a single publication going to recycling or the landfill. These are of the highest
attack priority.

Above: some examples of junk at NBC.

Dan Estabrook

General Manager