dvd_case.jpgOdds are you’ve come into contact with a plastic jewel case, whether at work or at home. Each month over 100,000 pounds of CDs and DVDs become obsolete in the U.S., with a majority headed for the landfill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While reusing the cases for future CDs and DVDs has traditionally been a good way to divert the pesky plastics from being thrown out, NBC Universal is now using an innovative closed-loop recycling process to make 100 percent post consumer recycled paper cases from the 30 Rockefeller Plaza office trash.

So how does it work? With the help of the NBCU facilities team, a compactor in the basement of 30 Rockefeller Plaza has been isolated specifically for NBC Universal paper trash. One week yields approximately 10 tons of paper, which is then picked up by NBCU’s recycling company, IESI, and brought to Pratt Industries on Staten Island. While at Pratt, the paper is sorted, bailed, and pulped. The pulp then enters warm water where it will be deinked, drained, dried, and wound onto a reel. Pratt then takes the material and uses their on-site box plant to create NBCU’s customized DVD cases.

This is just one way that NBC Universal is continuing to pursue eco-opportunities to some of our everyday business practices.

Special thanks to IESI and Pratt for making this possible!

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