1. Buy local flowers

If you are a classic romantic and want to convey your affection through a gift as old as St. Valentine, get your loved one a beautiful bouquet of locally sourced flowers. Check out your closest farmer’s market to avoid pesticide laden flowers that have been shipped from a galaxy far, far away. Help out your local economy while bringing a smile to your Valentine’s face. If you really want to show your love is eternal, pick up a potted plant from the farmer’s market, so that your love blooms even longer than cut flowers.



2. Make a donation to a charity in a loved one’s name

Is there a charity that your Valentine loves just as much as you? Make a donation in his or her name.



3. Whip up a special chocolate

Imagine how excited your special someone will be when you unveil a chocolate made just for your love. You can do this by melting down chocolate you already have and then adding special ingredients that your Valentine will go nuts for. Then, allow the chocolate to solidify in a heart shaped tray. If you’d prefer to purchase your chocolate, make sure you look for Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate. Nothing says “I love you” quite like chocolate that is a symbol for environmental, social and economic sustainability.



4. Show love through acts of kindness

Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week by leaving quarters at the Laundromat, donating books to a library, or treat your barista with a little extra love. You might even pay it forward by paying for someone else’s coffee Valentine’s morning. These February 14th activities can be done with a loved one, solo or with friends.



5. Make valentine’s crafts from recycled materials.

We live in a DIY world, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to put your creativity to the test. Use old newspaper to give your handmade card some texture. Make a Valentine’s wind sock by gluing streamers to a toilet paper roll covered in red paper. You can also use the world around you to make a nature inspired card or gift.



6. Send an E-Card

If all else fails, send some digital love by creating an E-Card that you can send around to all of your loved ones. Add personal messages or include a meme that will make your Valentine giggle. The internet is your oyster. Paperless Post (pictured here) is one of the many E-card websites that has a plethora of templates to choose from.