NBCUniversal’s Universal City Broadcast Center opened in February 2014 as the new home for many of our west coast news and television operations. The two-building, 150,000-square-foot headquarters is the new workplace for more than 600 NBCUniversal employees including those at local affiliates KNBC and KVEA, as well as the L.A. bureaus of NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo News.

Sustainability and technological innovation was top-of-mind throughout construction of the headquarters. NBCU participated in Southern California Edison’s “Savings by Design” program, which optimizes energy efficiency. Energy conservation and waste reduction processes were integrated during the conception and build out. The following savings have already been achieved, or are expected to be achieved, at the UCBC:

  • 96% of 2,760 total tons of debris generated during the demolition phase were recycled/reused as verified by LA County.
  • Total estimated annual savings include 718,443 lbs of CO2 and $128,404 in energy costs.
  • Between the facility’s two main buildings, it’s estimated the UCBC will save more than 800,000 kWH in electricity per year.
  • Employee recycling programs being implemented in 2014 are expected to result in substantial waste reductions and savings of material resources.