Throwing products into a recycling bin isn’t the only way to save. Check out some of our favorite do-it-yourself projects. Get crafting and save some money, too!

   1. Portion Control

Quench your thirst with a soda? Hold onto the bottle. A 20 oz. bottle’s opening actually fits the perfect amount of pasta for a single serving.

  2. PB Hardware

Peanut Butter jars can be reused in multiple ways. One such use? Hardware storage. Use a few jars to separate nails, bolts, and screws to get organized before starting summertime projects.

   3. Tin Vase

Give your summer dinner party a fancy new centerpiece. Wash out a can – up to you if you want to keep the label on – pour in some fresh water, and use it as a vase.

  4. Exactly Right

You don’t need that new set of fancy measuring cups. Use empty yogurt containers instead. They give exact measurements and are perfect for the next time you bake.

  5. Your New Water Bottle

Summertime BBQs come with their fair share of libations. Once you’ve had your fill, wash the glass bottle out. It’s a perfect stand-in for a re-useable water bottle.

  6. Funky Storage

After that last bowl of cereal, wash out your milk carton. Cut out a corner of the top, and you’ve now got yourself a unique storage container.

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