By Nicole Ohebshalom, Radiant Living Wellness
scale_sm.jpgSix years ago I began a lifestyle transition to living and eating from a “non-diet” diet. Counting calories and using a scale were not cutting it for me. I was looking to cultivate a balance in my body and in the way I live. I began to change my health through the enjoyment of life’s pleasures.
The first task I took on was creating awareness around my food, from the environment that the food was grown to the atmosphere I create when eating my meal. It was revolutionary to me because I had the chance to see first hand the effect of the how these important roles have a nourishing effect on my body. By paying attention to a few simple principles, you can help your system absorb high levels of nourishment from everything you eat. I was and still am completely sold in that the secret of eating is in your awareness, pleasure and quality of the food.
I realize that eating a pleasurable well balanced diet isn’t simple, easy or a quick fix. If we all had an iron will to live in this ideal manner then there will be no need for nutrition programs or books. Together, we will begin to take steps toward mastering the mental part of living and eating well.
Prioritizing your Priority
Your first high priority goal is actually not to lose weight or to drop a jean size. You’re probably shocked! But wait… this is so good. It’s first important to change the way you think about food and your lifestyle. Losing weight and fitting into smaller jeans are simply the perks. It may have taken you months, or in some cases years to be where you are, so don’t expect to reverse unhealthy habits within a few weeks. Begin with your awareness and lifestyle.
Flavoring Your Life Through Your Palette
A healthy diet consists of experiencing all six tastes at every meal. Your taste buds don’t enjoy being bored. By eating the same food in the same way, you’ll need more food just to achieve the same pleasure. When my clients first come to me they usually have no variety so they eat in volume to seek satisfaction instead of the interaction of flavor, texture and nutrition that comes from a well thought out meal.
Turn a bit of food comfort into excitement! This is the perfect opportunity to try foods and flavors you have never tried before. Choose quality over quantity and pick things in season! Choosing high-quality organic foods are great for you and the environment!
When The Meal Experience Becomes A Sanctuary of Your Own
Get to know your neighborhood market, not the corner supermarket. The farmers markets have bright in-season vegetables and fruits packed with everything your body needs. As a bonus, you are giving the environment the same nutrition it needs! When you shop for food, buy only what you need for the next few days so the food in your fridge becomes a need-to-eat-basis. Begin to cook at home so you can see and learn what you are putting into your body. Reduce the unknowns of prepared foods, especially the processed kinds. It is equally important to transform your evening meal into a grand event for yourself.
A Special Moment Designed and Enjoyed For You
We have reviewed tips for food shopping and cooking. Now it’s time for our grand meal! Create a ritual around your eating through making new habits. In a settled atmosphere, practice eating only at the table and when sitting down. Take a moment to turn off the television and put down the newspaper. This is a time for you, your loved ones, and the pleasure of your meal. Dust off and bring out your favorite plates and decent napkins to emphasize the seriousness and pleasure of this activity. You’re worth the best! Eating slowly and chewing properly not only brings awareness for you but also helps you digest food. Think only about what you are eating, smelling and savoring in every bite. Practice putting down your utensils between every few bites, describing to yourself the flavors and textures in your mouth.
We All Practice A Little Form Of Yoga With Our Senses
This exercise has completely changed my life and it’s so simple. Before any meal, I sit comfortably and take 5 deep breaths into my midsection. Then I continue breathing during and after a meal as well. Experiment with this exercise. I would love to hear your responses. Please email me.
Do you want to take this exercise a step higher? Ask yourself the following questions: What foods would best nourish me at this time? What do I truly want for myself right now? Is this a good food choice?
Nicole Ohebshalom, RN,CHHC, AADP
Radiant Living Wellness