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One Small Act

one small act

Green is Universal’s free “One Small Act” social gaming platform celebrates little changes that have a big impact on the environment. Available for both mobile and desktop, One Small Act suggests hundreds of ways to green your life, and tells the enormous reach those actions have.

With One Small Act, you can:

Join a team: Find like-minded people who are interested in green health, conserving water, saving energy, and reducing waste. You’ll see the real-time impacts your collective actions have.

Take on projects: Work towards a sustainable goal! Projects are action lists that include things you can do at home, work, and in your community. Complete various actions to earn points, unlock levels, and earn special achievements.

Share your progress: Post photos or updates after completing actions, and like and comment on others’ accomplishments. It’s a great way to show your support, solicit more information, or share what you’ve learned.

Get started with One Small Act today!