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Tend to a plant in this simulation game. From a seedling to a full bloom, you have to conquer smog, drought, and pests to grow a happy, healthy little blossom and move on to the next level. iBloom is an engaging and interesting way to learn about the things that affect our planet.

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What’s New In Version 2.6

-Special Holiday Flowers: for a limited time, users will be able to grow certain holiday themed flowers: a poinsettia in December, a pink carnation for Mother’s Day, and most recently, a beautiful, vibrant Earth Week tulip for Spring!

-Additional Flowers: In addition to the original daisy, rose and orchid, there are now 3 more flowers to grow. A lily, marigold and the exotic black bat flower.

-Insects: Now you’ve got one more element to battle in your garden, pests! If you are growing a healthy flower, you will be visited by positive insects such as ladybugs, honeybees and the Green is Universal butterfly. If you’ve got a brown thumb, your bud may be paid a visit by a Japanese beetle, a white fly or a moth.

-Weather/Location Settings: You can enter in your domestic zip code or any city name worldwide and iBloom will use’s API to determine that locale’s current weather conditions and display that weather type appropriately.

-Night/Day Modes: Determined by the local time in the city you are planting in, iBloom will properly display the flower with the appropriate day or night scene.

-Moon Phase: Also based on the city information, iBloom will display the actual moon phase during the night mode.

-Achievement System/Green Points: If the flower is well maintained (i.e. keeping all meters at green, visits by positive bugs, etc.) positive “Green Points” will be awarded and added to your score during the stage.

-Green Tips: Users can now review all the Green Tips in the game by going to the Green Tips screen and can click through all of them.

-Facebook Connect Distribution: Share all your iBloom fun with your friends through Facebook Connect!

-Nighttime Care: to address concerns from iBloom v1, v2 now contains a nighttime mode, where the flower will not degrade during the local hours of 10PM – 6AM, unless the user is playing the game during those time periods.

-Weather Cheat Codes: On the Locations tab, if you want to trigger any weather pattern, day/night scene, moon phase, etc, play around and figure out the cheat codes!

-Optimized code to prevent crashing and updated Facebook API.